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... is to be an increasingly comprehensive, albeit opinionated, guide to the Hamptons. We invite both visitors and residents, newcomers and old-timers, to look in on us often.
 The information on our Hamptons Accommodations Page is gleaned mainly from online lists compiled (somewhat erratically) by local chambers of commerce. We hope to give it more dimension in the coming months, but meanwhile the listings are eminently usable.

 We're always on the lookout for theatrical and musical organizations that have Web sites. Some well-known ones we're already aware of are the Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor, The Hamptons Shakespeare Ferstival in Montauk, Stephen Talkhouse (a fine folk/blues/rock emporium featuring world-class talent) and Southampton College's jazz-heavy public radio station WPBX. Guild Hall's John Drew Theater includes a variety of theatrical and musical events on its calendar; which is always worth a perusal.
High Speed Internet Access
 If you use the Internet with any sort of frequency, you probably want high speed (a.k.a. broadband) access. Its principal advantage over ordinary phone modem (a.k.a. analog) access is a transfer speed many times that of a phone modem and the fact that it's always on, so you don't have to dial up your Internet service provider every time you need to connect to the Internet. On the East End broadband access comes in two flavors: DSL and cable modem. We don't have any particular favorite, but getting DSL requires that you be within a maximum distance from the phone company's nearest central office while getting a cable modem only requires that you qualify for TV cable. Some local broadband providers include Earthlink, Verizon, Peconic/i-2000, Hamptons Telephone, AOL and Cablevision's venerable Optimum Online.
The East Hampton Star - The Southampton Press - The Independent - Dan's Papers - North Fork Magazine - The New York Times - Newsday - CNN
Real Estate
Hamptons Real Estate Online
Devlin McNiff Real Estate (E.Hampton)
John Keeshan Real Estate (Montauk)
Village Real Estate (Hampton Bays)
The Marketplace Realty (Westhampton)
Hampton & North Fork Assn. of Realtors
Forecasts for Long Island's East End (and New York City too) from the National Weather Service office at Brookhaven Labs may not win any beauty awards -- they're text-only -- but they download fast and they're specific to our area. If you must have graphics try The Weather Channel's East Hampton page. And if you know of another good online local weather source, please send us an email.
 As for the correct time, the U.S. Naval Observatory's Atomic Clock is the basis for what's probably the Web's most formidable chronometrical site. It's also the source for ny27's Correct Time Page, which you may find useful if you need to set a clock, watch or computer. We also have a Local Tides Page for fisherman, marine enthusiasts and people determined to photograph the Three Mile Harbor Monster.

The Parrish Art Museum in Southampton is the area's largest, and East Hampton's Guild Hall is probably next.We're still working on East End galleries that maintain a Web presence. (If you know of any, please email us.) Meanwhile you may enjoy taking a gander at texas.net Museum of Art, which exists entirely in cyberspace.
The Hampton Classic, a world-class horse show, is perhaps the area's best-known sports event. Here, however, are some pretty good sports links of somewhat local interest: Tennis, CBS Sportsline*, ESPN SportsZone*, Mets (at ESPN), Mets (at Newsday), Yankees, Giants, Jets.
* provides latest scores, standings, stats
Local Government
 Of the five towns that constitute Long Island's East End, East Hampton, Riverhead, Southold, and Southampton at last maintain official sites. We still can't find an official one for Shelter Island Town, but the Shelter Island Register's site serves much the same function.
Taylor Computer Consulting
TCC Home Page
ANSR ("A New Survey Reveals")
QuickTime Karaoke
IRS Tax Forms
Recent Changes
 On our Hamptons Accommodations Page, Montauk Accommodations are working again, and some long-awaited Sag Harbor lodgings have turned up too. We now offer links for public transportation, gardening and local governments as well as a considerably expanded list of East End Internet Service Providers. And, for a change of pace, where we were once the Blue Nile we're now the Amazon Basin.
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Movie Schedules
 Beach Radio's Beach Movie Guide is a great one-page list of what's playing at pretty much all East End movies. You can also try our own Hamptons Movie Schedules page, which contains links to various theaters' Web pages, where you can check future schedules and even order tickets online.
Public Transportation
Both Hampton Jitney and the Long Island Railroad maintain useful Web sites. Use the following links to bypass their home pages and go directly to Jitney schedules or train schedules.
  If you plan to be using any of the ferries that service the East End, you can see their schedules at our ferry page. You can also shortcut directly to schedules fo Cross Sound Ferry (Orient-New London), the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson ferry, Shelter Island's South Ferry (to North Haven-Sag Harbor) or North Ferry (to Greenport) and the Viking Fleet Ferries from Montauk to Block Island and New London.
CNN Financial Network, Quicken's Retirement Pages (IRAs, 401Ks, Keoghs, etc.), Bloomberg (good foreign market coverage), Forbes (the mag), Gomez Advisors (the online brokers rated), Yahoo! Finance (our favorite gateway to free stock quotes and research), The Motley Fool (caveat lector)

 The USDA's straightforward but vast Home Gardening site is a bona fide treasure. When you get there, click on "Home Horticulture" for its superb alphabetized database. Also explore the "Horticulture Solutions Series" and the "Organic Vegetable Gardening" link. More commercial but nonetheless quite useful is the Virtual Garden, which features a good online plant encyclopedia. The Armchair Gardener concentrates on flowers. Two non-USA-based sites worth extensive visits are the Canadian ICanGarden.com, which , among many other things, offers the most complete list of seed, bulb and plant catalogs (including online catalogs) we've ever seen, and, from Holland, Flowerweb, the home of Flowerbase, a database of over 7,000 pictures of flowers and garden plants.
CyberTimes; The San Jose Mercury; cnet; Forbes ASAP; CNET tech news; ZDNet