From the Reviews:

  "There must have been a void in my psyche shaped just like this book because I fell for it on first browse. I'm near the end of a building project of much greater scope but I found it eminently useful. Not for the simple drawings nor the clear photographs but for the amusingly written dialog between writer and reader which connects the process of building to the process of learning, to social history, and to Jefferson, Franklin and Martin Buber.
  "But it is not a book about these people or ideas, it is about how to build a one-room cabin, and I think it's almost all you need for that too."
Whole Earth Review


You can now read the Introduction, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 online.

Pushcart PressWainscott, NY

An earlier version of the book was originally published by Henry Holt and Company as
"A Place of Your Own Making."