More reviews of Building Thoreau's Cabin

Country Journal:
  "It would not be unreasonable to read through its 242 pages of text from beginning to end for the sheer pleasure of it -- at the same time learning all that is needed to fashion these simple structures. That cannot be said of many books on building."

Southampton Press:
  "The delight of this how-to book, and the risk, is that the builder's craft ... is so comprehensively demystified that we could easily be fired up enough to go ahead and try. The writing has considerable charm and humor."
Chattanooga News-Free Press:
  "All aspects of creating the structure of your dreams are covered in clear detail, complete with illustrations. This work would be an asset to any how-to library."

Country Almanac:
  "Using detailed instructions and photographs this instructive book will yield a professional-looking structure that even an amateur will find fun and simple to construct."

Litchfield County Times:
  "...with cogent, informative and entertaining writing, plus ... excellent photographs, [the author] leads his reader along the way patiently, humorously and understandingly."